Monday, August 24, 2009

Emotional eating..;. I fell off the wagon hard!

I am an emotional eater, and yesterday my emotions were all over the place. I went over my calories by 1250... shit that is alot and I feel like poop for it. I'm more mad and dissapointed in myself for letting someone get to me and bother me to the point that I binge and I have not done that in so long. I was doing good too and then bam it just hit me like a ton of bricks as I was shoveling half a cake in my mouth, bags of chips and energy drinks. Ah well it happened I owned up to it and now today is a new day and I don't want to sit at home on my computer any more its time to get out. Hopefully wanting to go do things today doesn't disrupt the house (god forbid I want to do someth8ing other then cook and clean)

on a side note I did really good at the party on sat, stuck to my plan, had a diet dr pepper but I shared it. It wasnt such a good idea tho, because later on that night I was so hungry and had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on a wheat bun and that put me over my calories for sat too.


  1. Hope you get some time to yourself today!

  2. You have to take care of yourself... and if the people around you don't get it... you gotta give 'em the... well... I'll be nice. hehehehe!! Take care of you today. Do what makes YOU feel good. :)

  3. Good job getting back on track...