Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ive been somewhat slacking on my goals lately. It just seems that I don't ever stick to anything I start. Aside from eating better and moving those I have no problem sticking with. Every week it just seems harder and harder to lose that 1 lb. I'm too hard on myself when i see a .5-3 pound gain when I know my sodium has been off the hook that week if I haven't had a BM in awhile. This journey I am on is really hard to say the least but I have learned that anything worth while is not easy. I started this journey to lose weight and get healthy and look good. Along the way I have changed how I think and how I feel about myself and things. Allot of it is mental and when you struggle with Bi-Polar Disorder it makes the challenge even harder. I feel like I have pushed passed allot tho and I know i am doing MY best with what I have.


  1. You sound like me. One time I was lucky enough to hit the 180 mark and I stayed there for awhile. Then up, up, up. Look how far youve come though! :) As long as you arent gaining 5 pounds, and then 10. I strongly suggest you eat a crappy meal. I read that it gets the ball rolling again lol. I think Jillian said it. I'll have to find it. I cannot wait to be 180 again. Things will be different.

  2. You have done so well, losing so much weight and that is something you should be very proud of indeed.

    It is not surprising that after the amount of time you have been at it, that you would feel a bit unmotivated, especially if the losses have slowed down.

    You are right, the biggest change seems to be within our heads, it is more than weight loss, it is a whole learning that happens and that is thte biggest surprise for me.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. You have really come a long way! Amazing the difference in before and after pictures! By chance have you hit a plateau? In which case it might be best to just keep even for a while and let your body and metabolism adjust before you get back on track and rev it up again. At least I think that's what my PT said. I could be wrong.
    Either way, you're doing great!