Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tattoos and make-up, Oh my!

Everywhere I look there are new tattoo's and talk about makeup... I want a new tattoo and I think that will be my reward when I hit my goal. I know I am getting a new one for my b-day but its an addition to the paw prints I have on my calf. Any who, I have always used Avon makeup, I love it because it works for me. But allot of talk has been going on about MAC an Sephoria, expensive but worth it in my opinion. My thing is that I have great skin aside from the huge pores (me being my own worst critic again) and I am worried about trying another foundation because I tend to break out. I have been using the Sheer Cover stuff, and I am not impressed. I want to try the MAC out but I don't know which one to try as there are so many. I am on a tight budget so If I get something its gotta really work, so any suggestions would be great (please include the actual type of foundation, like liquid, or mineral powder etc.... I be confused. I have tried the Avon mineral powder and it just doesn't cover like a liquid does.
I will stick with using my Avon Eye shadows and such because they are perfect for me. I Love mascara and must have tried all of them, side from the more expensive ones, and Id have to say that none of them really work like they say they do. I am using the Max factor 2000 calorie one but they no longer sell it in the US. Guess I will have to delve deeper into whats out there!! \
I am still on track and loving the nice weather we are having it is great. Did 12 miles on bike yesterday and planning a morning walk and afternoon bike ride for today :)


  1. You can find things cheaper on eBay I have found. Does MAC offer samples? I would tell them I would not buy it unless I could try it first and outside the store.

    I use Loreal True Match and I am quite pleased with it. Mineral powders are generally too drying for my skin altough I do like the coverage.

    12 miles is HUGE Becca! Good for you.

  2. The Mac store here will do a consultation where they match their product to your skin. See if yours does and have it, then do as Katie said, and get your stuff on eBay!