Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just needing to Vent...

Well at least I sorted out why things have been going so shitty lately other than the stress. Its my monthly visit started this morning which is why I have been eating so much chocolate and why I went crazy at lunch yesterday. I also have been dealing with some other issues that I am kinda iffy about mentioning but I feel if I keep them in then I will explode. I am having issues with Facebook, not the site itself, but issues with the fact that my honey talks to all the girls from his past and is always commenting and leaving them messages and my posts and things always go UN noticed by him. When his friends leave messages about me he doesn't even comment its like he ignores it. I feel like crap and I have so many self esteem issues already that this doesn't help at all. If I mention anything to him at all he gets all pissy and says "Fine I'm just going to delete my entire account, then there will be no issues". That isn't it at all so I cannot talk to him about it and I have no one else to talk to so I let it sit and stew and I just start feeling more and more like I don't matter. I think he would say that we talk face to face all day everyday so there isn't anything really to talk about or that the other doesn't know, but that is besides the point. I'm just all screwed up with emotions right now, don't know why it happens every month. Hoping that the weekend will be better :)


  1. Oh sweetie - I think anyone would feel that way and the fact that he gets defensive in my opinion means he knows what he's doing is hurting you. If he knows it hurts you - that should be enough to change it - period. I'm so sorry you feel this deserve to be treated like a princess - every day - on Facebook or in real life - all the time. Smooches.

  2. I will tell you, no word of a lie, i've seen relationships destroyed over facebook issues. i can relate, believe me! i am incredibly sensitive and my friends hurt my feeling all the time in ways they would never understand. I need constant validation and the slightest little jab, even if playfully sarcastic, can bruise me if it hits the right nerve.

    being said, there is a lot of self talk that i endure to make that not happen. sometimes people are insensitive, but don't mean to be. it's not right, but forgivable. maybe this is one of those times?