Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dreary weather made me do it...

I was so excited on Friday, it started out as a great day. But because I didn't plan on getting a Tattoo (it was a surprise) it kinda threw my whole planned eating out the window. I had planned to make fish and brown rice with veggies as I do every Friday but I had arrived home to late to cook. There was too much time in between eating that I ended up eating too much and having way to much chocolate. This continued on into the weekend and on Sunday I decided to see where I was weight wise, up 2 frig en pounds. The weather has been shitty and therefore I'm in a bad place, I haven't worked out and I have been binging on full fat cheese and lots of Easter chocolate (those are my 2 vices, cheese and chocolate). My body is feeling it and so is my cloudy mind despite my efforts to get back on track this week. Went to the mall and walked around and shopped for 2 hours, I found my Goal bathing suite and I had to freaking have it (as I always kick myself in the rear when I don't get something I really really like). Problem is it is a String/halter bikini and I am in no way ready to bare this flab with my tattas n rolls hanging out of it. So I guess I must put my nose to the stone and Kick it back into gear so that just maybe by July or August I could wear it...

Here it is, in all its glory (see why I had to have it?) and me not so much lol

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  1. You can do this and that is one cute suit. I would hang it where I could see it everyday. lol