Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feeling Lazy about taking updated pics.

OK I know I said that I would post updated regular pics but things have been crazy and I haven't gotten around to taking any new ones. Today I did spring cleaning on the Office and closet. Did a 1 hr walk this morning that felt great, my eating is back on track *Easter was not good to me*. I have to be up at the but crack of dawn to get some things taken care of, good thing about it tho is I get to make a special trip to Trader Joe's! Too bad I am broke, but I can still look around and see what goodies they have that I can always go back and get when I have the moneys. maybe I will Take some pics tomorrow If I am feeling froggy enough :)


  1. I wish we had a Trader Joe's here! I see so much about it on the Blog's!

  2. Feels bad for people who do not have access to TJs