Friday, April 2, 2010

What a great way to start off the weekend :)

Well here it is the close of another week and I am Proud to report a 1 pound loss. I am at 178 pounds the smallest I have been since my early Teens. I even have TOM visiting and I can feel the bloat and retention. Although with the clean eating I feel so much better, my PMS has been mild and that is a huge change. I did binge 1 day but it wasn't too bad and that was the end of it. I am really enjoying how I feel and my body is changing allot and I love it. I still have some loose skin and issues with the flab on my back/lower back butt all in all I am happy with the progress. I feel that I need to weight train more to see better results and to replace the fat I still have with the lean muscle. I am confused on what workouts to do to see some toning in my back areas where I am most concerned. I will be posting new pictures up this weekend to compare with the ones I took last year around this time. Hope that everyone has a great Friday and a awesome weekend!


  1. Hello Rebecca
    Good job with the weight loss this week. Looking forward to seeing your before and now pictures. I asked my husband to take my picture ala biggest loser. I was a tad embarassed and I don't know if I'll ever post them... anyways, sorry for my rant. I'll be back to view your pics. Have a great Easter weekend.


  2. You too Miss Becca and grats on getting down another lb.

    P.S. Where are my March and now April pics of you two ;-)

  3. Woot!!! Another pound bites the dust!!!!