Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly update :)

I broke down this past weekend and had Chinese food. I had figured sharing a pint of Chicken chow mien, Orange chicken and Chicken with zucchini wouldn't hurt. Boy was I wrong, I don't usually weigh myself during the week anymore but i figured that I should see where i was. I wish I hadn't tho because it said 187 pounds, that is 6 pounds up from My WI on Friday. I chalk it up to the Sodium and the MSG that was in it. I have otherwise been great with my eating and been walking, biking and working out everyday except Sunday. I have noticed that when I change around some of the foods or substitute them from what Denise has in her book, I find myself eating less calories and or feeling hungry and eating things I normally wouldn't. But I am still sticking with it and tailoring it as I see fit for what I have on hand and what others will eat. I have noticed that my tummy and lower back is getting firmer which is a plus. I got a corn on my right foot on the toe between my pinkie and third toe and it freaking hurts. I never has problems before and i love my Nike tennies so I am thinking it was from the crappy socks I bought at wal mart. I got some corn remover stuff and the cushions to wear so that I can still walk, bike etc. I just hope it goes away and doesn't become infected.


  1. had achinese as wel last weekend and boy did i bloat right up
    3 pounds here lol

  2. Ouchie to the corn. They suck! I had Chinese last Friday and I could actually feel the puffiness from the sodium. Tastes so damn good though... grrrr