Sunday, March 28, 2010

Should I stick up for myself or walk away?

Not really so much weight loss related today but I need to get some things off my chest before I pop. I Love my parents and I am thankful that they are letting me live her still, but I feel like a House Bitch. I do everything and I get yelled at for doing it. My dad has the worst attitude and even yesterday we were talking about saving a little money and walking somewhere, my mom said that were just going to park in the garage, I was like "we will have to pay" My dad said "oh SHUT UP" real mean. OK first off he has no right to talk to me that way and treat me like dirt, yes they let me live here, But my bf pays for our Internet, cell phones, I buy all the food for the house and mine and my Bf necessities, we don't watch t.v. I cook everyday and I clean and do dishes. Whenever we want to do something it is a problem, we can't go out to dinner or have a date night. They even have problems when we go for a walk and bike ride.
I'm more frustrated because my dad knows I cook breakfast every morning at 9am and today he decides to take the stove apart and take his sweet time cleaning it because I asked mom if she wanted Oatmeal.* sigh* I been in a funk all weekend and I think that just kinds threw me in deeper. My BF says that I should stand up for myself, but knowing my parents I just walk away and go in my room and have an attack when they do this shit to me. I am afraid they will kick me out if I ask for respect and put them in there place.


  1. Oh gosh you poor thing - I agree - no one - even parents have the right to speak to another human that way. You teach people how to treat you and by letting them - they probably feel like it's okay. Having said that - I'm not in your shoes - and it's easier said than done. Good luck. We are here for you.

  2. How could they kick you out? They clearly can't afford ANOTHER full-time maid, chef, and personal assistant.

    Kiddo - you are being taken advantage of and they need to realize that.

    Stick up for yourself!

  3. I agree Becca. Just because you live there does not give them a license to treat you like sh*t. We can't know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes but everyone deserves decent treatment. Maybe you could try to talk to them and tell them your feelings and maybe suggest ways they can make it better/easier on you. Good luck either way and we are here to listen if necessary.