Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doing good this week :)

I'm doing good on the S.Y.F.F.Z Ive been real good with the eating and have not been hungry. Staying around 1400 calories and been sticking to the walking and working out. Ive chose to work out in the evenings after 9pm because that is the time I can have the living room to myself and have the room to actually move in.


  1. Great job Becca! I am much better at night than in the morning. I wish I were more of an a.m. person, but I'm not.

    Keep on keepin' on girl! :o)

  2. Shrink your female fat zones lol just an abreviation so I didnt have to type it out LOL :)

  3. Hey there! following your journey now--thanks for the NutriMirror site info!

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