Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm loosing my mind right now, my Bug is sick and I dont know what to do :(

OK so I am stressing hard right now, First off my Boyfriend is quiting smoking 2ND day today and yesterday was hell. by the end of the night I had a migraine from crying so much and ended up eating all you can eat and stuffing myself so bad that i had heartburn and Indigestion from hell. Second My Kahlua Bug is sick, I don't know what is wrong, you see she is eating, drinking, pooping and playing and is happy no signs of anything other then she keeps randomly choking and spiting up Flem with blood and what looks like Chunks of bloody things.. Not a good situation because none of us can afford to take her to the vet, I just took her for her skin a few months ago and it cost me almost 300 dollars that i don't have. I feel like a bad person, but what can I do... I mean she seems fine other than that, and we have all been sick so I am thinking it is just a cold or something... It is killing me that I cannot take her in, but I cant even take myself to get help outside of my 3 month visits at county. God I am such a bad person, its breaking my heart, Does anyone know of something I can do, maybe free or Low cost Vets in Sacramento, I mean Being as I used to work at a Vet Hosp years ago I know they will want to do blood tests and take X-rays which will cost thousands of dollars, My mom is the only one working right now and I am having to use the money I get from GA to pay for Kahlua's last Vet visit (gotta be responsible).. got I'm such a contradiction.. I'm so lost right now and rambling, my head is spinning... Please feel free to tell me I am a BAD PERSON!


  1. What about a Vet school? Not sure what is available in Sac but I imagine there is one. You are NOT a bad person. If you were you would not care at all.

  2. I know how horrible you must feel. You aren't a bad person, just an unwealthy one. Is this a snake? See if you can find a message board with someone knowlegable about your critter and get advice.

    Rgarding the smoking, I quit after 2-packs a day for over 20 years and it was the hardest thing I ever did. I and everyone around me was miserable for weeks. The worst was over for about a month-- but for literally 2 years afterwards I had moments of talking myself out of lighting up again. I have zero desire for cigs now but it took me a long time to get here.

    It is so worth whatever you have to go through. You don't own yourself when you can't even get through a movie without wanting a cigarette. It is freeing to be shed of that constant jones. Tell you BF not to give up.

    And I will pray for your pet. A medicine man taught me a prayer song that is a healing song for animals. I sung it all weekend for my dog, who was not well. I will do it for you too. it is actually amazing to listen to-- very powerful.

  3. Thanks guys for your thoughts, I did manage to find a place that will be willing to work out payments depending on what the vet thinks about her condition, and Kahlua is my Dog :) She has a Apt tommorow I will keep you filled in on the prognosses!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your pup. I would hate for my cat to get sick right now because I would absolutely not be able to afford it if something came up so I know how you feel. But that's really good that you found an office that is willing to work with you. Not many are.

    I hope everything works out.