Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Diagnosses is in (if u want to call it that)

Went to the ER , they did blood tests, Ultrasounds and a physical exam. Dr said the ultrasounds came back looking good with no signs of anything abnormal. He said its possible It could be related to IBS, but because it is in my upper stomach area and in my shoulder and seems to come on at night and after eating that it is most likely an Ulcer, the ER didnt really give me much advice other then he wrote a RX for nexium which is basically the same thing as the Prilosec RX strength I have been taking. I had to come home and read up about it so that I can heal and take care of it. He said the blood tests were normal, meaning that I'm not showing signs of the Bacteria that cause Ulcers. and I dont take NSAID very often, just maybe 3 times a month and its only 1 pill at a low dosage. Anyways I have been stressed about my dog kahlua an that is when they pain started. Im just going to focus on taking care of myself again, which is hard because I want to get out into nature and bike and walk and its has been non stop storms here. Well I think spring will be poping up before we know it. At least now I have an excuss for eating better and really watching what I eat (to my parents that is). Just wanted to keep you posted yesterday was a horrible day, in the ER from 7 am to 4 pm. no food no sleep and no medicine or water just 2 bags of IV fluids and Im scared to WI because I know that will affect my scale.


  1. Oh, and my word verification for that comment was "hotti"

    :) I'm sure it was talking about you.

  2. If the pain is in the upper right of your stomach, kinda in the hollow below your sternum, it might be gallbladder attacks. Those usually happened at night for me. The doc also kept trying to give me acid blockers, because they did find ulcers in my upper GI scan (barrium) at one time. I told him the pain was different than an ulcer pain. He was convinced it was gastritis though. If I had not pushed the envelope, I might never have been diagnosed. The pain from a gallbladder attack is awful. If your symptoms do not improve, please go back and push for an ultrasound of your gallbladder.

  3. I did get an ultrasound of my Stomach, gallblader, Pancreas, both kidney's, liver and Blader. It all came out good that was the first thing he checked bacause my mother had her galblader out when she was 28 she had like 100 stones in hers. My Bf had his out last year. They didnt do a GI tho I would have liked them too. They told me to follow up with my Dr, and as far as that goes, she says I have IBS and will not talk about it any farther. It pisses me off because they take $40 a month from my Grant money for medical and I get treated like crap.