Thursday, January 14, 2010

HFCS... it is in everything... Is there a way out?

OK so after watching this video that was very Eye Opening and Informative it is on HFCS and Sugar it is called Sugar: The Bitter Truth I realized that everything I have been eating has it in there or at least a form of Corn Syrup.
SO what am I to do I cannot starve and I cannot throw out all the foods that we just bought because then we wouldn't have any food and we already used the food budget this month. So I have a huge dilemma, i know it is why I am fat and why my mom has Type 2 Diabetes I whole heatedly believe it. So then why will i continue to eat foods with it in it? Because it is in everything and the stuff that it isn't in is too expensive and ppl here will not eat it! Also how can I give up my Cereal in the AM that gives me 100% of my vitamins and minerals, my fiber and my Protein??? UGGG you see I am so confused now it is driving me nuts because I want to eat clean and rid my body of toxins and I cannot do that with all these foods with HFCS in them... Sad part is that when I lost the majority of my weight i was really watching what I was eating, cutting back on Processed foods, sugar, junk food and eating out and it was great. My family was supportive and they were all for eating better. But after a few months they decided to go back to eating the way they used to, leaving me and my hopes for a Healthier future in the dust. And here I am again wondering WTF I am going to do, because its not as easy for me now that they don't share my quest or views on food. Right now I am so confused its like really how am I ever going to get healthy if I can't do the things I want and buy the foods that my body needs and should be eating.. I know a little sugar in moderation isn't a bad thing, Ive cut out the soda and Fruit juice (aside from the Orange Juice) but now that HFCS is in all the Cereals I love, and are supposed to be good for you, spaghetti sauce, canned soups (which I don't eat much anyways) BREAD, Mustard. Mayo, Allot of different sauces, PEANUT BUTTER (broke my heart) and of course everything has Regular Sugar in it... If I had my own way I would eat everything the way nature intended it to be, raw or slightly steamed. I love whole grains but no one else does, the thing is, just because I buy the food for the house doesn't mean that i can buy what I want, I have to get what everyone will eat, and I cannot make myself separate food aside from my Couscous when they have noodles or rice....I'm ranting but that's what i seem to do allot and as of late This year has been SHIT and it just keeps getting WORSE!!!!


  1. The lecture was quite interesting! Thanks for posting the link. Living in Australia I don't have quite the same problem - most of our sugar comes from sugar cane (as far as I'm aware) - but that's still added to many, many thngs. I've found it in canned vegetables, and spice mixes. From what the lecture guy said, maybe add more fibre to your diet to help the body with the sugar intake?

    I'm not sure what you can do - I can certainly empathise a lot with your family situation though. It's really hard. :(

  2. I know what you mean Becca. Last year I went on a quest to rid all artificial sugars (not just HFCS) from my families diet and was VERY dissappointed when i learned just where exactly it is... not only is it in food but it's in medicines, vitamins, everything. We can not afford to go completly organic. lets face it, I like you... Don't have the income to support a wholisitc approach to all the products we consume. SO... here's what i have done and try to do. I made a decision (for our finances and my family) that some places, I just need to deal with it... like medicines, vitamins and some foods. I compare labels and if I can afford the little bit extra for the product that doesn't have artificial sweetners, then i buy it... if I can't, I ask myself can I make my own version... Like spaghetti sauce, or even bread when i'm that ambitious (I love my bread machine). My husband, like your family, isn't thrilled on it... But i put my foot down and said if you don't like it you can go buy your own crap. I also refuse to use canned, I buy frozen or fresh when I can for vegi's... it really is healthier anyways and not that much more money when you compare frozen anyways. Sometimes it takes force in the areas you can force and letting go in areas you just feel like you have to. AND Really, you can decide on a budget for yourself and for them... let them do their own shopping and you do your own, buy what you want to eat and cook for yourself and they can do the same... i know in your situation it's hard, REALLY hard. BUT you do have to take care of you at the same time. you can only be responsible for you and letting them help you feel like you can't do it is just hurting yourself. My mom & brother live together and their food budget goes similar like yours and my mom finally said no more. This is how I'm shopping, you can either get on the band wagon or do you own, no more sharing food expenses, she split the fridge and cupboards and he eats like crap, she eats better. It's hard, but YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO for you. It is hard, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!!