Monday, January 18, 2010

Been away too long

Sorry I have been MIA yet again and haven't blogged. Since Monday of last week I have had this pain full burning feeling in the pit of my stomach and on Friday it was really bad and i was just not doing well. I rode it out and Saturday it started to go away a bit and now its just kinda there. I lost my appetite and was forcing myself to eat crackers, so that was what I ate almost all weekend. I did have soup Sat night and some crazy bread from The pizza place. I am hesitant to go to the ER because for one it has gotten better and now it is just allot of gas, uncomfortable HB and indigestion and spasms ion my intestines. And if it turns out to be nothing like just IBS or a Ulcer then I am stuck paying a HUGE HOSP bill. So unless it doesn't go away or gets worse in a few days I am going to chalk it up to a horrible bout of IBS ( I was diagnosed with ibs at 16 for a similar situation) I hope to be back up to writing this week, Tho I wont be too active, because of weather and still not feeling 100% but my appetite is back and I am going to eat the best I can.


  1. Hoping you feel better soon Becca

  2. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon!
    And with regards to your previous post when you were lamenting on HFCS being present in everything.........I have LOTS to say on that. I am gluten intolerant, my youngest cannot eat any gluten, dairy, or corn. And my oldest refuses to give up dairy OR eat gluten free.
    Drope me a line at if you have any further questions about how to avoid corn syrup, how to accomodate variety of diets etc. Or if you just want some additional sympathy and understanding.
    Again, I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Get better soon.
    And kuddos for you about the huge weight loss!
    Keep up the good work! ;)