Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am so stressed out right now!!

This really has nothing to do with weight loss but i need to vent and rant, and I figured this would be the place. We are moving on saturday morning, nothing is packed this shitty ass 2 bedroom 900 sq foot house isnt packed. My dad is too sick from drinking so much that he cant do anything, he tried to help but kept falling and cutting himself and he bleeds so bad and doesnt heal. My mom works all day and comes home and sits on her ass. She knows we have to move saturday, and I am trying to figure out how we are going to pack and move in one day? Im So stressed out it isnt funny, and my SO just sits on his lazy ass and plays On the computer and doesnt do much else but leave shit laying around and is too lazy for my liking right now. So here I am (not literally, they are wraped in newspaper and packing paper)throwing dishes into boxes and saying FUCK IT because at this point I really dont care, I have done everything, I even had to get the U-haul, change the address and I have to take care of everything with the rental company and they suck balls, they replaced some concrete out in the driveway and broke the water main, we got our keys and stuff on the first and went to check to make sure everything was working and the water was running fine, thus we didnt find out until monday the 4th and havnt had water in the new house since, they just dug a whole in the concrete and left it there open, suposidly the "maintanence" is fixing it today and we will have water by the morning, it took them a week to fix that and its BS. Im so stressed out about everything right now that I have a headache and I am sick to my Tummy. I am going to have to go finish packing the kitchen while making dinner, not looking forward to my mom coming home and bitching like she does all the time. Don't get me wrong at all, I love my mother and father, they raised me (not very good) but all the same, feed me clothed me and did the best they could for me, I dont mind helping them out but this is just too much for one person to handle. Granted I have been clean for 4 years but man I'll tell you that PIPE is looking mighty good right now, good thing I have no money and I don't know anyone anymore. Its hot here ontop of everything else and it is contributing to my stress and bitchiness. Im so confused also because I have never packed/moved without being HIGH and I dont remember how to pack and Im frustrated having to figure out what to put into what size box and such so that doesnt help either. I was smart and packed my room 4 months ago when I knew we would be foreclosed on and most of my stuff is in storage. I just have to throw the bathroom stuff and my clothes in a box/bag and I am set!


  1. Its hard enough to move when you have help. Yikes! Im sorry that no one is pitching in. :( I know your upset and you need to finish things up...but can you escape adn take a walk..clear your head for a lil while. When you come back, try to ask everyone to help you...especially your BF who seems the most capable.

    Be strong!!


  2. Have you tried asking for specific help (honey, could you please pack that cupboard up into this box, thanks)?

  3. I wish I could help you.


  4. Aww I so wish I could help.

    Youre doing so many things to help make yourself a better person, do you ever feel like the situation that you are in is toxic and not helping you?

  5. Hugs - know how difficult it is as I moved home ALL BY MYSELF last year (am still not unpacked properly, lol)!

  6. Oh that's pretty damn suck ass..I'm sorry :(
    Although when you said you've never packed before not high, that made me laugh out loud...I remember that time in my life oh-so-well...well, cause it was last week...;)
    Anyways, hope it gets better!!! (((hugs)))