Thursday, January 15, 2009

I gave in to my cravings, but didnt too bad

I was rather stressed out last night, and wanted to eat fat food so bad, i ate a small snack size candy bar but that didnt do it for me. We went to denny's and my honey ordered a Big dinner that was so fat and gross with a Garden salad on the side for me. i felt good that i made that choice, but we did share a plate of Smothered cheese fries.. It tasted so nasty, I love cheese and have gotten rather used to the low fat 2% stuff. I didnt go over my calorie intake for the day tho so I felt good. We went to wal-mart afterwards feeling guilty I bought a jump rope and a 40lb weight set, some Slim fast and me and my hubby a pedometer... The one I bought for me is a calorie tracking one, never used one before, hope it works out.

So No one has read my blogs or commented.. Did I do something wrong when I created my blogs or are people just not interested in my blog posts? ah well im keep writing it makes me feel better to get things out.


  1. hi becca-
    i followed the link from nutrimirror. your photo's absolutely show a change in weight and the numbers don't lie either; from 300 to 222, that's 78 lbs! pat yourself on the back, that's great! (isn't this what you would tell a friend that had dropped 78 lbs)?
    you mentioned feeling guilty (those cheesy fires, right?) but that you actually didn't go over your allotted daily calories. this is the beauty of nutrimirror, it shows you exactly how you did, not what you "feel" you did. so when you see in writing that you are still on course to reach your goal, you become even more determined!
    if i may offer an opinion about exercise. i would recommend walking. the jump rope concerns me (stress on your joints) and i think the timing is wrong for weights (muscle can build over fat, and i don't think that's what you want). if the weather does not permit walking outside, go to the mall, but don't go inside the stores ;-). walking will get your heart rate up and that will help burn calories (this is perfect for your pedometer). did you know exercise gives you more energy and that it takes approximately 2 weeks to create a habit? so theoretically you could, in only 14 days, be on a walking schedule that you look forward to because it fills you with energy and makes you feel good -how exciting!
    a final thought on exercise and eating less...getting out of the house is very important. you mention that you are unemployed, have you considered volunteering? if you are an animal lover, i bet your local animal shelter is in need of volunteers.

    i wish you all the best and i will see you over at nutrimirror (my mother and i write about food and cooking for nm).

    ps: about blogs and comments: readers come along the more frequently you post and if you write about topics they are searching for. in reality, no one knows your blog exists; so spread the word!
    (sorry about the random "w" comment. i hit a funky key)

  2. And remember... blogging is for YOU. It's to help you to keep yourself accountable. It's to have a safe place to vent, rant, cheer and basically be your own best support person.

    I find that I am totally honest on my blog... and I don't give a damn who is reading it. I post for ME.