Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adding grains and such to your diet...

Ive been reading alot about adding fruits, veggies and whole grains to your daily intake of food. I love fresh fruits and veggies and try to have a least a serving of veggies with my lunch and dinner. Fruit with breakfast or as a snack when I am feeling hungry in between or even late at night. It is adding whole grains that I am strugling with at this point. I eat whole wheat bread, multigrain, oat and such, Ive replaced my pasta for speghetti with Whole wheat. but its not something we eat everyday, so Im not sure its making a big difference. I think most of the strugle comes with the fact that I live with my parents and when I make dinner I have to caiter to there needs. My mom is easy but my dad doesnt like to try new "healthier" foods. I have no idea what else to incoperate in my meals when I make dinner, It is usually bnls,sknls chicken breast baked, or a small sirlion steak, chicken stir fry with white rice or fish. Frozen or fresh steamed Veggies and canned veggies on ocasion, and this is my issue, its always a Boxed process food we have as a side dish. Pasta ronis, Pasta or rice sides, Scaloped or au graten potatoes, or even boxed instant mashed potatoes( that I love) I dont care for real mashed potatoes. So you see my delema.. My parents are just as picky about food as I am, but I am willing to try new things and incoperate different stuff in our meals. They dont like brown rice, my dad wont eat sweet potatoes and my moms not big on beans and my dad only eats the crap in a can thats LOADED with Bad stuff and SODUIM. So you see why I strugle with it so much, Ive even tried to sit down and talk to my mom about it and she is always busy with other things or says well I dont like that or we wont eat that. We have a small kitchen and a even smaller budget, so buing for myself and them and cooking something for them and something more healthier for me can be a real pain in the arse and wallet. I know the changes I have made are helping and a big step for myself and all, but I still feel like I could be doing more, changing more about my diet and nutrition and doing more to get active and move. I am a lazy person Im not going to lie.. I have no self motivAtion and I depend on others for everything, Including motivation.

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  1. Buy a small bag of brown rice, mix it half and half with white, and make a pot of it for yourself. Portion it out, and freeze it, and have it when the family has white rice.

    I say to half and half because quite frankly, I hate brown rice. But I've done this as a compromise, and it's working for me.

    Whole wheat couscous is easy to make. Equal parts couscous and water. Let it sit for five minutes. Done! I add a teaspoon of olive oil (I struggle to get my healthy oils in sometimes so this works well for me) and a sploosh of hot sauce to jazz it up and you have an awesome healthy side dish. You can even add veggies to it to make a pilaf type thing. Or you can dress it up any way you like it. I don't recommend eating it plain. It's boring and nasty. But it's a great vehicle to carry delicious other flavours to your mouth, and is a healthy grain.

    What about oatmeal, grits, polenta, or cream of wheat for breakfast?? I use sugar free maple syrup on it instead of brown sugar. At least I did when I started my journey. Now I eat it plain with fruit added in sometimes.

    Have you visited the WW sites? I'm on the Canadian one as deeishealthy. I participate on the FoodTalk forum quite a bit. There are some GREAT threads there, and some AMAZING people who are happy to jump on board supporting you!