Saturday, March 7, 2009

My body type... with pics (*hesitated*) Help if you can!

These pics were suposed to be on the bottom of post but I cant figure out how to move them or delete them...

Ok so I have the tools I need to help me in my journey towards better health. I have been steadily logging everything I eat and my excersise, eating as clean as I can with recources and circumstances I have. I know I have come along way from that 300 pound girl I still sometimes see. I am very proud that I have acomplished this loss so far, hell im extatic about being able to do something, stick with it for so long and not give up! But I know that I am still unhealthy because I carry most of my weight in my belly and back. 212 pounds isnt healthy for me at my short 5'1 frame, tho its much healthier than the 300 i was carring around for so long. I just sometimes feel like I am not doing enough, I try to make better choices when eating, shopping and getting out and moving my ass. I have been thinking that maybe I am eating too many carbs, I have my carbs/fat/protien set as 55/25/20 and I almost always go over that, not by a whole lot maybe 1-3 over. I still find it hard to cut out the carbs, maybe it is because of the foods I do eat that would be considered processed i guess, Like cereal, bread, boxed potatos, crackers. I just don't feel the need to cut out everything. I have given up the drinking the chocolate, pastries and now I am thinking I need to rethink my snack choices, those 100 calorie packs, even if I can only eat a half to 1 serving im still thinking they may not be the best choices. But I can only tolerate So many Fruits and Veggies. Don't get me wrong I love them but eating them all day everyday can get a bit boring for me. I don't know maybe I need to change the way I think about foods and eating in general or even about my personal journey, I am just tired of seeing these fat rolls hanging from my belly and on my back. I am hoping that the more weight I loose the better I will look and feel about myself. I am thinking of posting a picture of this area, because i feel like I am the only one who is shaped this way, I have seen a few of the women on TBL that have simalar shapes, but are taller and as they loose the wieght there are significant changes for them in these areas. I don't know maybe it really isnt as bad as I think it is? im rambaling. If anyone reads this post and has any thoughts or suggestions Please feel free to let me know, even if you think I might not like what you have to say, Im open to constructive criticism


  1. I think you need to re-evaluate what is important to you and what you want more.

    Do you want the carb, or do you want to be healthy?

    Only you can decide.

  2. BTW, you lose the weight, and you WILL see a difference in the next set of pics. That I can guarantee.

  3. One you lose the weight and tone up, you'll lose the fat in your stomach and back. It just takes time.