Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fridays WI... How do you get rid of stuborn back flab?

Well I just wanted to tell everyone that fridays WI was nice for me, 213 pounds! I have been so happy about it because I cannot remember when i was at or under 200 pounds.

The thing is I cant seem to get rid of the Nasty bag, tummy, or arm flab... it is still the same as it was if not bigger around my back then it was when i was at 270 pounds.. Its so ugly I dont want it anymore but no matter what I have tried I cant seem to tone it up or get rid of it. I read that once you loose enough weight it will slim down and the rest is tonning up. It hasnt budged and ive lost 87 pounds total... Any help here will be awesome, I cant stand looking at it anymore it is just really groose!!!


  1. There's no such that as "spot losing", no matter what you read or hear. But as the weight comes off, it will come off in those areas, too, I promise.

  2. Thanks.. that was what i was reading about, because I had noticed that alot of the girls on TBL had the bag flab alot like mine. As they started droping alot of weight you could see it was going away. I read also that where you store fat the most is always the hardest and last place to loose the flab/fat! Thanks