Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Should I get the 30 day shred???

I have been thinking about changing up my workouts. I love the Daily dozen don;t get me wrong it has shown results. I have others all by denise austin, and tho she is motivating they are kinda boring. I have been thinking alot about the 30 day shred, I was going to order it but changed my mind because I was a complete beginer at excersise at the time. I'm concerned that it may be too hard or too much for me, im at 213 pounds now, but I still have asthma and even doing the jumping jacks and twists from the daily dozen kill me. i have to take a break to slow down during my 12 minute workouts. Ive read alot of reviews, but I want some real feedback about it. I know I need to step up my workouts and do something new and fun. if you have this workout Please tell me about it, any feedback would be great.


  1. I don't have it, but I have read that it is murder. I almost ordered it, but go The Biggest Loser Workout: Yoga, Cardio Max & Boot Camp. Also very hard. Very.

  2. I have it and LOVE it! It's only 20 minutes, and yep, it's hard, but it's ONLY 20 MINUTES. Totally doable.

  3. I also have it and LOVE IT!! Its only 20 minutes but she makes you wanna push hard and get through it!! you should totally get it! I got mine on amazon for like $8!!