Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Added to my workouts!

I added a new workout video today, after i did my wednesday 12 minute cardio kick box... i poped in the dance mix did the 5 minute warm up then the 10 min jazz & pop workout. it was fun, had a bit of trouble keeping up but it is something I will enjoy doing on a regular bassis. there are several different workouts on the dvd so I can switch it up and keep from getting bored. I had decited i spent enough money on workout dvd's and a stibility ball I still havnt used, so Im not going to get the shred... I read some bad reviews about the warm ups and the fact that jillian has you go from some Intense workouts that get your heart rate sky high right into doing something on the floor that makes it go down too fast. To me that would be too much strain on my heart, and also that she doesnt show you the correct form or tell you when to breath. One thing I love about Denise Austin is she shows the correct form and tells you when to breath and her warm ups and cool downs are right on. Just my opinion tho... Friday is WI day and Im looking forward to it for once. I hope the change in routine will show some nice numbers. I hope everyone is doing well, and having a great night!!

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