Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday ramblings

Yesterday went so well, i did very good eating wise and I am very proud. I did have some withdrawal symptoms later in the evening due to no sugar and all the chemical stuff. I am starting my morning off with Steel cut oats with Chia bran, Fresh Fruit and a tsp of Wheat bran. I hope that today will go as good as yesterday because I felt really good without all that crap clouding my brain up. The weather is a bummer here right now, rain storms in the middle of may :(* trying not to let it get me down tho. I decided to work on the eating clean and good healthy foods and as soon as the weather gets nicer its time to walk and bike ride again. My asthma has been terrible as my allergies too. Need to get that under control before I step up my game, don't want to be down for the count before I even start lol. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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