Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the first time in a very very long time I am Happy!

Things have been doing well lately, my commitment has been really solid with a few slips up here and there but I always kick back into gear and make up for it. So far my year has been awesome, it started out kind shittay but it has been great and I hope it only gets better. I keep telling myself that this will be my year and if I push hard enough I will achieve a goal or 2!! Eating has been clean for the most part, mom bought me a bag of Flamin hot Cheetos and I binged on them at midnight, and my tummy is so paying for it. That's the worst I have really done and that is a great accomplishment for me. I have learned allot about what will power and Motivation really mean and it has changed the way I look at things for the better. I got on my bike today and rode, tho it wasn't very far it still felt really good and I want to keep on doing it! I really miss the 23 mile bike rides we did last summer and I think I could build up to that and more. Trails here I come so look out!! lol it is a beautiful day outside and I am stoked.
I started to do extreme Couponing within the last few months and it really has helped me to save tons of money. It has also taught me how to look for deals that I cannot get or use coupons for. I have a few new things I bought myself and it feels good to be able to save and find great deals. I am also so much more happy with myself and my life and have come so far in my mental health journey and it is exciting to see the improvements in all aspect's of my life. I have made some new friends and have been in touch with some I have known for years and they are all positive influences and very supportive of me. I am happeh and it feels amazing. Have a great Tuesday everyone!~

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