Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I started a new blog about Couponing!

I'm still here on this one tho, I have not written in awhile. Going as strong as I can be with this crappy weather we are having and all the parties and Junk food that's been passed around these last few weekends. The booze does not help either but after the massive hangover I had this past weekend I am done with it for a good long while. Fridays weigh in was not so good but only up 1.5 pounds and TOM is visiting so it was expected, lets just hope I can get back down a few more and that would make me happy!

Anyways I started a new blog about how I started to save massive amount's of money through couponing. Where to find them and how to start, organizing and Matching its all in the blog. Please stop over and comment and feel free to follow as I will be posting Pictures and blogging more about how to save money and Maximize your groceries without spending a fortune on everything! Check it out and spread the word for me, it would be much appreciated!!!


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