Thursday, May 26, 2011

Im still here, pushing along and doing good!

I am still on track despite TOM visiting this week. One thing I am grateful for is that it comes like clockwork now and its so much more regular within the last couple of years. I have started a new blog about couponing and I am hoping that I can keep up with both. Being as I have a lot of free time I do not see it as too much of a problem. Life is still going good and I am very thankful for that, as I have put my foot down about allot of the issues that were causing me to be unhappy living at home. I feel more free and independent and relaxed. Still things I have to work on but I am not giving up.
Not sure what the Weigh in will look like tomorrow considering that I am super bloated and I did a lot of walking today and I am just not hungry enough to eat all of my calories. I am sure it will hurt me in the long run but hey maybe when I am finished here I will go have a Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit :) Have a great night everyone

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