Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today is my B-Day!!!

Today is my Birthday and I am officially 29 years old. Wow it feels so weird to type it let alone say it out loud. I have great eats planned for today, breakfast is oatmeal with banana, lunch will be a salad with tuna and dinner is Grilled Chicken with homemade Chipotle BBQ sauce, Fresh grilled shrimp, Grilled Zucchini and squash and My low fat Homemade red potatoes salad. Maybe a shot or 2 of tequila or rum with amp but that's a maybe.

I am going to get 2 tattoo's today and I am excited that I had a hard time sleeping last night. I felt like a child on Christmas eve LOL. I'm stopping at Starbucks on the way and getting a Venti Iced Americano with a little nonfat milk, to share with my honey. Well I hope that everyone has a great CINCO DE MAYO!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Becca! Hope it's a fun one :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'll be right there with you in about 7 months!

  3. hope you had a great b-day!!!