Friday, May 7, 2010

2 weeks of crap eating...

I have been struggling a lot these past few weeks. I have gone even over my Maintenance calories for at lest 5 of those days. I am having issues with loosing faith in humanity, as it seems like everyone is out to back stab me and let me down. My b-day kinda sucked but I guess I am getting older and it shouldn't matter. I did get my tattoo, but its not finished and I am still in so much pain. Getting it finished and the other one when it is healed. I am up .5 pounds on the scale today, but its OK because I know I have been making terrible choices and I have not had a BM in a few days so that is contributing to it as well. So anyways that's about all I can muster up to type like I said I'm feeling down and out and lonely.


  1. Sorry to hear that Becca! Don't let the shitty people get you down. You are better then that girl. I am sure the teeny gain is from not pooping so don't focus too much on that. Get outside today and get some fresh air.

  2. lol I eat so much that I am like 200% over my RDI :( but it doesnt help

  3. Hey Becca, I am new to your blog and you are doing so great! Your pictures are amazing, now I am off to read how you accomplished all this. Keep up the good work you are really encouraging this newbie ;)