Monday, July 6, 2009

Photos from the weekend.. I need a life lol

This was me smiling and having fun on sunday after our river walk, the wind made my hair look even better lol...
me and my other half trying to be cute together

wow I still see a 300 pound girl here, will I ever feel like Im thinner?

my hand at trying to be sexy, not sure if it worked or not LOL

4th of july bbq my honey was on his phone, sorta a in promptu pic...

Some fun photos from the weekend I thought I would share.. things have been going good. I kinda over did it yesterday and gained 1.5 pounds but thats ok Im strong and I will continue to do better and get that back off and more!! Have a happy Monday everyone.


  1. Your boyfriend looks exactly like my neighbor Bryan who is the sweetest person...also, I dont see a 300 pound girl, but it will probably take awhile for you to catch day youll look in the mirror and start flirting with yourself ;)

  2. I don't see a 300-pound girl here! I see a beautiful woman with a great haircut, beautiful smile and handsom honey!

  3. lol looks like a fun weekend... great pics!

  4. Seems like the impromptu pics come out the best don't they...

    I have heard that people have a disconnect on how they perceive themselves and it sounds like you just haven't caught up with the reality that you arent't that girl anymore.

  5. Cute pics!! I love your little fringy bangs :) I've been dying for a haircut; now I'm convinced it's time-you look adorable!

  6. GREAT pics! you are so pretty!