Sunday, July 26, 2009

Im still here!!

So ive been a busy busy person lately, and i miss blogging. I guess I just really havnt had much to say or felt the need to get on and write lol. Im terrible but I have been doing good now at 188 pounds woot go me. So that is 112 pounds lost so far and still alot more to go. In auguse I would have kept off 60 pounds. WOW that is amazing even to me lol and an acomplishment considering I never stick to anything for very long. I have had a pretty cool summer so far, i wish I could get out more and be more active, but thats ok. Having friends over to hang out and bbq and swim has been amazing and much needed. Otherwise I would have had a boring ass summer!
I have learned that I am too hard on myself most of the time i get mad when im up .5-2 pounds and I shouldnt be. Im also hard on myself when I go over my calories or eat a little bit of things I proboly shouldnt. But it could be worse, I still havnt stepped foot in a fast food joint, when we rat at resturants I order from the WW menu or have food cooked to suit me and my needs. I have been walking tons and the only thing really I have been having that I shouldnt are reduced fat tortilla chips, Guacamole and salsa, oh and the Neapoliton ice cream sandwiches. But thats it other than that I have been doing great on the eating. Aside from the nights we had company and last night because I got burned by 200 degree hot oil We have been walking alot. I look forward to my thursdays because we go downtown and walk to the farmer's market. Its so fun, well I am off to go have my amazing salad I made for dinner. Im still here and kickin thought id let ya'll know since I havnt been blogging much.


  1. 112 pounds-that's just incredible!
    It's great to see you so positive, especially towards yourself!
    Chips and guac-YUUUUM. That's all I'll say ;)
    Keep up the great work!!! You're awesome :)

  2. good job Becca! Keep up the great work! :)

  3. I was missin ya! Im glad to hear youre doing fine! I think you have earned the right to not be so hard on yourself!

  4. Good job getting the walking in.

  5. awesome progress and thanks for checking in, i've been missing your bloggity