Friday, March 2, 2012

Today was WI day :)

Weigh in today and I am back down to 172! I felt really good this morning and had my cereal and coffee. Had errands to run and took care of business, walked to pick up my RX and visited the Cost Plus World Market. I burned 999 Calories from walking to and from and shopping for 3 hours :) I still have no Idea how I am going to be able to keep eating enough to sustain how much I workout. But hey it is worth it as my confidence is up, I am feeling more healthy and happy with things and they seem to go much better lately. Been slowly planning a huge shopping trip as we have not gone monthly shopping since Nov of 2011. It will take a few trips to several stores to stock up on things and get some healthy and local foods. I am looking forward to the Farmer's Market when it comes soon this will make me a happy camper. Good night all and hope you have a Great Weekend!!!

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  1. Just found your blog while looking for other weight loss blogs. Congrats on your success! :)