Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy busy couple of days ahead

So I am looking at a very full and busy Friday and Saturday this week. Dr apt on Friday in which I am not going to let the Dr brush me off with a 10 min exam this time. I am going to explain to her all that has been going on since I last saw her and have her fill out the Paper work for My SS advocate. Saturday Morning at 12:30am I will be going to a free health thing to get my teeth drilled and my eyes checked, it is first come first serve and I am guessing there will be tons of people there. But I am grateful and thankful for them and those that volunteer their time to help out with this great event. I have food planned out and if I have to I will walk around the parking lot to pass the time as I may be there until 6pm. But it is worth it, otherwise all the work I have had done to get the 20 years worth of calcite deposits and crap off of my teeth would be a waste of time, it will feel awesome to be able to eat on my left side after 10 years of agony. On the food front it has been great I have been taking it slow and introducing foods back into my diet. I am still struggling with the gas and irregularity I get when I eat good, something I will bring up to the doc as well. We have been walking and enjoying the sun and fresh air that i have been looking forward to for a long time. Bring on spring I am so ready for it!!!


  1. you have to be your own advocate when it comes to the dr. good luck. I am looking forward to spring weather too!

  2. I was referring to my Social Security Advocate that is helping me with my appeals and stuff. She needs the Paper work about how my Carpel Tunnel and my asthma affect me that the Dr must fill out for me.