Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things are going well :) and I am excited about it!

Thank god tomorrow is Friday! I have had a nice couple of days on the excersice front. Eating has been OK, except in the evenings because I have TOM visiting :(. I went to the gym yesterday and did 23 minutes on the Treadmill, 17 on the Elliptical and 6 on the bike. I also used that arm thing y that looks like a y and it is behind you and you push it up LOL no idea what it is called. I would have liked to have done more but the person I was with was done after an hour. Today I worked out to Hip Hop Abs, I don't really like it because it was more an ab thing then anything but it was the Fat burning cardio, and there was a lot of aerobic dance in it. Going to do this again next week and I am looking forward to going to the gym again. It is just a fitness center at my cousins Condo but it is still nice and outside the norm for me. Makes me start thinking about saving a bit to join the gym with my honey. Now I just need to get my late night snacking and Cheese Addiction under control. My fat, Sat Fat and Cholesterol have been all over the place lately. That and sodium and that is no Buenos. No fear tho I am already feeling better and excited about doing something different and having my cousin to talk to about things as I have not really had anyone other than my honey to talk to. Now if I could just get my sleeping back on track then i will be good... Did a no no today and drank an entire 24 ounce can of low carb monster. I got up yesterday morn at 5:20 am after a poor nights sleep and again this am at 7 with semi poor sleep. I am tired and I think I will take a nice leisure bath tonight with some tea.

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  1. Always good to have someone to workout with! Have a good weekend Becca!