Monday, December 21, 2009

Holidays and what not...

It has been a long 14 days since I have logged anything or exercised. Have not blogged in those 14 days I gained 2.5 pounds, but with the way I have been eating and all the holiday food and sweets I am thankful that I have not gained more. I went shopping at the mall today and I felt like a 300 pound woman trying to shop in the skinny girl stores, the looks the lack of help was just enough to bring me down again. Now I am more than in titled to shop at these stores and the stuff in them does fit me. I got 2 pair of size 15 jeans at the wet seal for 16 bucks, you cannot beat that. Aside from the frustration of looks and what not I did have a good time shopping and just because I felt like a 300 pound woman does not mean I am. I am at 185.5 and I am going to try to get back on track, I mean I didn't really do to bad I still watch what I do eat, I have just been eating too many cookies and too much cheese. Those are my vices, I gave them both up and now I cannot get enough! With this weather and the holidays things have been tough but I am going to slowly get myself back into moving more and doing my videos. I have a Elliptical that has been sitting in my office since May 09 and I have used it maybe 6 times, I'm debating on whether or not I want to try and sell it since it is practically new, or use it. I don't want my Bf to have wasted a good chunk of money.


  1. In terms of exercise, what do you LIKE to do? It's important to pick something you enjoy, or else it will feel like a chore. Perhaps the elliptical seems boring or daunting. Do you like dancing? Walking? Jumping rope? etc...

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  2. Maybe consider doing intervals or listening to some music/watching TV while on the elliptical. That generally helps make the time go by faster on it.

  3. Becca, this is geminidragon from the Nutrimirror site. I don't know if you remeber me, but I've been following your blog for about a year now and you've inspired me with your weight loss. I've decided to start the new year out with a blog of my own chronicling my weight loss as well as my life and goals in general because of your insiring success. You look beautiful, and thank you!