Friday, April 12, 2013

Buying Real Food On A CALFRESH Budget

I read a lot of blogs about being able to eat real foods on a budget. I also hear so many people say that they cannot afford to eat healthy foods because it is so much more expensive. Well I am here to say that it is totally possible, granted its just 2 of us. Our Budget is $320 a month in case you were wondering.  I was able to get local, grass fed pasture raised meat, including cuts like Chateaubriand and Rib Eye. 4 Pounds of the chateau, 1.59 pounds of the Rib Eye, 1 pound of Sirloin  1 pound of Carne Asada, 4 Pounds of Ground Round (96%), 2 pounds  Beef Marrow Bones, 1 lb Beef Livers, 4 pounds of Chicken Breast, 1 whole Chicken, 1.50 pounds of Bacon and 30 Eggs. All for $141 and this will last us a month or more. We also were able to get a half gallon of raw milk, 2 pounds of raw milk cheese, 4 pounds Cream top Yogurt, Sour Cream and 5 pounds of Cultured Grass fed Pasture raised butter for $48. Our Fats/Pantry items included Organic Extra virgin cold pressed Coconut oil 2 pounds, 2 pounds of  organic freshly ground peanut butter, 1 lb of local raw honey, 3 pounds of Organic brown rice, 1 lb of Corn Masa, 3 pounds organic Black Beans as well as 2 loaves of Sprouted Grain bread for $42. We got 2 huge Avocado's, 4 onions and a bunch of beats for $5. And frozen organic Fruits and Veggies for $25 and we still have money left over for fresh local organic produce throughout the weeks.
   Let me just say that since eating these whole foods me and hubby feel so much better, no more fatigue when we get up, or during the day. Less Digestive upsets as well as no more headaches and muscle aches. My skin is so clear and my pores are smaller, no more breakouts!! He has lost 8 pounds and I've lost 10!!! It is amazing what eating real food does to a person physically and mentally.


  1. Hello, this is my first visit to your blog. Congratulations on your weight-loss, very inspiring. For years now, I have been eating out because I am too lazy to cook and hubby doesn't want to cook everyday. Mostly we eat Mexican food, burgers or pizza. It's no wonder we're the size we are. I have been reading about eating whole foods for a couple of weeks now and really want to start doing this. Hubby is not quite on board, but that's okay, we don't have to do the same thing. I know if I start eating healthier he will follow eventually. The benefits you have listed are giving me the boost I need to start immediately. Have a great week.

  2. good to see....I am glad you are back and moving foward with your weight loss and your blog...I know you can do it.