Friday, January 6, 2012

5.6 pounds gone... Fluke much?

So went to the gym Tues,Wed,Thursday but did nothing today. I finally got my HRM to work right and I burned 536 Calories yesterday and I am hoping that its right. I got on the scale this morning (still WI on Fridays) and it said 177.5! OK so that's 5.6 pounds down from Dec 29 which I was at 184 and I am thinking it has to be a fluke. I have been eating a little better and drinking a ton more water too. I'm happy about it but still seems kinda odd to me that I could put on 21 pounds in 2 months and then just drop 5.6 just from going to the gym and working out? LOL maybe I am on to something or maybe my body is just detoxing and it hasn't leveled itself out. I have been feeling kinda odd lately, a little hot and cold flashes, mild dizziness slight headaches and weakness. I don't think I am getting sick because it doesn't feel like it. More like my body is releasing all the toxins I put in it the last couple of months. Well anyways this is me making an effort to get back into blogging. Hoping that everyone is having a Great Friday and enjoys the weekend!!


  1. When you weighed in at 184 could that have been a fluke and your were up a little that day. If you've weight fluctuates from day to day you might have been up that day? Just a thought. Either way, good job with the water consumption and exercise. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. 5.6 is fantastic! It's hard to say what makes our bodies fluctuate, but we know they do. Just keep going strong :D

  3. It's totally not a fluke! If you're at all like me I hold onto water like a camel, so if you've been drinking a lot more water - then a portion would be attributed to that. In any case rock on, 5lbs is sweet!