Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How much more can I take?

I really need out of my current situation. This toxic Environment I am in is making it so hard to live. I have Applied and Applied and Applied to Job after Job. I got 1 call back for an Interview and the person did not like me because I was nervous and could not answer the questions she asked because of lack of life and job experience. Do you know how much more pathetic that makes me feel? Ughhh I am trying so hard yet life is pushing me harder and harder to the point of Breaking!!
I am not giving up at all, but common enough is enough already! I have asked family for help and of course they don't feel I need it so they wont help me. I have no friends to ask My bestie has her own issues and financial problems and she is there for me enough as a Friend. I just don't know what more I can do to better/change this life I am so stuck in, its getting to the point that I would rather live on the street then have to deal with the constant mind fucking, hurt and bullshit I get put through day in and out. Only problem is that the person who says they love me the most has told me that he will never live on the street and therefore I can do what i need to do but without him.... Still makes me wonder if he truly cares than why would he feel/ say that way? I'm stuck and at my honest breaking point and very very scared!!


  1. hang on okay...if you have to, take a part time job till you can get a better one...mcdonalds would be better than feeling completely at loose ends. This too shall pass...You have to focus on you. Don't worry about what your bf said or anyone else...single minded focus will do you a world of good. Go in to anyplace that has a "job' sign...and don't leave till you talk to the manager. I have done this twice and both times I got the job...no prior experience. Look them dead in the eye and tell them "i will work harder than anyone ever has for you, I am a quick learner...and I am loyal. You give me this job and you will never regret it.". You can do this. Hang in there.

  2. so sorry you are going through this! PLEASE hang int here and in the interviews only show them how strong you are! If someone says you lack expereince, tell them where in your life you have over-come that. DON'T GIVE UP!

  3. Hang in there. You can escape despite the economy if you want to. Yes, living on the street (or in a shelter) is tough, but if it's to that point, if the problems at home are that tough, you'll be happier (and healthier) in the long run.

    Don't let the job situation get you down. There are people with degrees and experience and qualifications that are not working. 1 in 10 people don't find a job. That doesn't mean you lose hope, but you should realize that it isn't YOU.

    You may have some hard choices ahead, and some risky ones. Only you will know when it's time to take a leap of faith and walk away from toxic relationships.