Thursday, June 17, 2010

wow what a crazy week it has been!!!!

I have not blogged in forever it seems, as life has been something else as of late. I have a friend from my childhood that is visiting and we have been doing so much! We went to sizzler last Saturday and I did really bad, I got the grilled hibachi chicken with no sauce and a plain baked potato, but I went crazy at the salad bar and had a soft serve Ice cream cone. We shopped for about 10 hours or more in total from Saturday till today, got some cool stuff at the thrift store and got to spend some time taking pictures in old sac at night that came out great. We had Deny's that night and split the $2 hush puppy and vanilla ice cream Sunday between the 3 of us and that was bad in itself, tho we shopped and walked around for 6 hours just that day alone. We did really bad and stopped at BK and had a burger and fries off the value menu... blah we have not had any fast food in 2 years, it was nasty and I was still freaking hungry afterwards. Today we has leatherby's ice cream and I really didn't like it and was not impressed, I prefer frozen soft serve yogurt, tastes better and is so much healthier too. My friend is leaving tomorrow am and this was the last hurrah for us until the next time she visits... I am sad, because we have had a blast, but on the other hand I am kinda glad to be able to get back on track.
So not looking forward to tomorrows weigh in :( I know i have been so off track, I didn't even really log my foods or worry about what and how much I was eating *sigh* I guess to be honest it was the first time in a long time were I felt like an adult with freedom and less stress to worry about crap. I had a great time and I am not going to beat myself up about any of it at all!!


  1. We are human and need a chance to throw caution to the wind sometmes... You are doing so well and will get right back on track. It is not supposed to be a diet but a lifestyle... I'm glad you had fun, You'll get thru the weigh-in and be glad that you enjoyed your friend's visit. Congrats on doing so well with your weight loss. You look amazing! *Maria*-BandGeek Blooger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

  2. ok I hate to be suzie sunshine BUT :) I say weigh today (or not. actually Id say not...but thats a different comment :)) and MOVE ON.
    youre back.

    youve climbed back on the wagon.

    focus on that. the positive!


  3. You could postpone it until next week... it is up to YOU.

  4. Glad to report that Im only up 1.5 pounds :) and I am back on the wagon... all the junk food is gone and there are fresh fruits and veggies to eat again!!!

  5. Fries are the worst when you haven't had them for a while.

    You feel sick almost automatically

  6. I love your pics. Congrats on all your weightloss. You look great. I cxant wait til I get under 200.