Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Had a down week :(

I was not feeling well last week, despite my efforts to keep the parents germs from spreading to me and the SO. I was also going through a bout of depression, but I was more sad and eating way to much food then feeling worthless or sleeping too much. Very weird for me as I usually want to sleep all day and just not want to do much else. I finally got in to see someone at Mental health and I have apt with a Psychiatrist as well as my Councilor next month. Went to the gym today and it felt good as I pushed myself a lil harder then I normally do as I was feeling guilty for skipping out on it for 7 days. My body is feeling it tho its a good thing and I felt amazing afterwards. Got my new glasses today and my eyes are having a hard time getting used to them and I can feel the strain. I hate the strain/tension headaches I get behind my eyes they suck and can sometimes feel as bad as a migraine. Well its off to do a few more things before getting into a magazine and going to bed.

1 comment:

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