Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good News and the happening

So things have been all fukered up on my end. Too much rum, energy drink, soda and snyders pretzel pieces. I have gained 2 pounds which really isnt too much, but my clothes are tight (fat clothes at that, the 16's) But on a good note my honey has found a job, working at Macy's in the womens dept!!! So now I have to compete with upper class SEXY skinny Women with Money! I guess I still have Issues of self worth and all that to work on, I am only human. Maybe it is the motivation I need to kick my butt into gear... One question tho, Should I be worried?

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  1. I wouldn't be worried... he'll probably just get annoyed with those bitches lol All of us have those thoughts... my boyfriend has his friend that he works with, and at first I was somewhat jealous and worried... but then I'm like... If he didn't want to be with me, he wouldn't have. Trust him, and don't worry... besides, if he did do anything I'm pretty positive you could kick his ass!! :) lol